Compare Hosta Library pictures side-by-side

The link below leads to a page which lets you compare the pictures from the Hosta Library of 2 different Hostas side-by-side. This makes comparing two similar looking plants a lot easier. The current version is from 1st of February, 2015 and allows you to compare over 6300 species and cultivars. While initially I made this available as separate document to use on your own computer, it is now only available for use through my site. I suggest you bookmark the page. Simply click here and when viewed through my website you will always be using the most uptodate version.

The names of the cultivars and species are all in alphabetical order, and the quick way to get to the 'H' or 'R' or whatever hostas is to click on the down arrow for the drop-down list and then type in the first letter of the name range you want to get to. Matter of fact, if you type two letters in rapid succession you can get to your selection even a little quicker.

For best results your desktop should be set for a width of at least 1280 pixels, otherwise you'll be doing a lot of horizontal scrolling.

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