Compare HL

The routine underlying this utility is a Javascript developed more than 20 years ago by Hugo Philips. I've had this utility up and running on my personal website for probably 10 or more years and initially the text files used to make the selection had perhaps 4000 entries at most, these days we're more than double that number and I have noticed the routine is getting a little slower to respond because of it.

In order to speed things up and make the routine a little more user friendly I have decided to make the size of the files used smaller by sorting the comparisons into categories, and that's what we have here now. You can now narrow your search by using the parameters outlined below. Taking this approach will make it easier to help identify those dreaded NOIDS. By clicking on the links below a new window/tab will open with your chosen search parameters.

This is very much a work in progress, please keep that in mind. The generation of the new search lists involves looking at literally each and every page in the Hosta Library, that's not gonna go very fast! Frequently I end up having to make a judgement call about which parameter a given cultivar falls in, particularly if it is not a registered variety, is it chartreuse or yellow/gold, blue or a glaucous green....

For some time to come you should use this link just below, which will take you to the 'old' format and will continue to be the must useful for some time to come. All links on this page will open in a new tab/window, this page should stay open in a window or tab unless you deliberately close it.

Original, full side-by-side comparison list and as said, the only you should be using expecting a full list! The ones below are slowly expanding lists and my crawl through the HL now has me in the 'D' section. Bear with me, there are plenty of other things on my plate, as time goes by the ones below will be more fully populated and thus increasingly more useful.

These are the lists with a narrower search scope. Give them a try, PUHLEAZE! You may find a given cultivar on more than one list, since it fits 2 or more parameters, such as a narrow-leaved green hosta with red petioles.

Blue-Leaved Hostas
Gold-Leaved Hostas
Green-Leaved Hostas
Red-Leaved Hostas, of which there aren't terribly many....only aware of three.
Narrow-Leaved Hostas, and I'll pretty much follow the list laid out by Don Rawson
Red-Petioled Hostas it's difficult to draw a line in the sand where to just call it a mere blush and where to call it 'red', so having said that, 0Don's list will serve as a good guide.
Streaked Hostas which includes misted-leaved and speckled-leaved as well
Variegated Hostas both medio and edge, since there really doesn't appear to be a full proof way to make a reliable and accepted distinction.

It occurred to me the other day while walking around in the garden that it would be quite helpful to be able to scroll through the pictures in the HL single file style rather than side-by-side because what you want to compare is right in front of you!

With that in mind, here's a link to the single-file style for the full list. But I think you'll find the narrow search results more useful for that purpose. Here they are:

Blue-Leaved, single file
Gold-Leaved, single file
Green-leaved, single file
Narrow_leaved, single file
With only 3 Red-leaved on the list there's not much point to have a single file, is there...
Red-Petioled, single file
Streaked, single file
Variegated, single file

Let me know what you think! , please.