Here we see a flower that bears great resemblance to one of the two surprises we had last year (2003), however, this one is sufficiently stronger in it's ground colour -much richer yellow- to make me lean towards last year's surprise perhaps NOT being 'Shocking'.

If you take a little closer look at this picture, you'll notice another bloom behind the 'Shocking' flower. It's much smaller and very different from 'Shocking'. The strange thing is that these two very different flowers appear on stems that give the distinct impression of coming from the same bulb! It's hard to believe that two stems can grow THAT close together from two separate bulbs. Time will tell obviously, once the stems have died down later in the fall, the bulb(s) will get dug up and we'll get to the bottom of it all!

The picture below gives a fair idea of how close these two stems actually are.

These stems might be separated by ½ to perhaps ¾ of an inch and that's about it!

I suppose we may have a situation here where during early growth stages 2 different varieties literally got tangled up and we have what appears to be one bulb, but in fact is two (inadvertently) very closely planted ones.

All of our 'OT's' to date are visible in this picture. In addition to 'Shocking' you also see 'Yelloween' and 'Amatist'.

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