Stay tuned, we're working on some pictures!!

We made the (understandable) leap of faith that the lily bulbs Waita picked up at the Richmond City worksyard would be one of the two varieties they had up as illustrations. Judging by what we have had flower out of what we picked up, it just ain't so. Go to Surprise and you'll see pictures of a couple of fascinating lilies, but neither bear any remote resemblance to the posted varieties. Surprised?

As with 'Amatist', we have planted some of these for 2004 and in time will have their pictures up here. Again, we're making a leap of faith here, they did come from Costco and based on past experience we shouldn't be shocked to find the contents of the package to be not as shown; somebody goofed in packing or labeling, take your pick. Bottom line is you don't get what you expected. We'll just have to wait until July to see the blooms.

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