'Acapulco', like a few others, was a new variety for us in 2003. The observation has been made elsewhere that the pictures on the packaging and the actual bloom typically differ somewhat, in Acapulco's case that is a good thing; the real thing is a lot richer and deeper in colour than what the picture on the package hinted at.

Acapulco's colouration is rather reminiscant of 'Con Amore', another all pink variety we have. Acapulco is a little darker overall, a little richer in colour and a larger bloom.

Mona Lisa and Acapulco

The pot we have Acapulco planted in also contains the much earlier flowering Asiatic lily 'Lollypop', as well as another 4 different single Oriental Hybrids: 'Mona Lisa', 'Arena', 'Kyoto' and 'Casablanca'.

Even though we had only the one bulb, we sure seemed to have blooms around for a long time.

It looks for 2004 as if we'll have at least one extra shoot from this bulb, hopefully giving at least 1 or 2 more flowers and in the fall of 2004 that will get split off the original bulb. The pot this bulb shares is showing ample new shoots off all of last year's lily bulbs, not just the 'Acapulco', boding well for continued expansion of our numbers.

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