Aruba or Expression ?

Expression'Expression' is one of two pinkish varieties of Oriental Hybrids we have; the other is 'Aruba'.

The more I study the pictures on the respective labels the more convinced I am we should be renaming at least two of the Oriental Hybrids we have. What we have been referring to as 'Expression' should be called 'Aruba' and the other way around.

The real puzzler though is what the actual name is of the variety we call 'Marco Polo', it'll take us a while to figure that out.

The deeper coloured one to the left is 'Stargazer' and you may even spot the 'Othello' in the background to the right.

Expression label

As stated elsewhere, labeling and package content have been rather suspect for us. We'd like to think we haven't made any mistakes in marking the various varieties as we planted them and things are confusing to say the least. What we used to identified as 'Expression' is almost the inverse in colouration of what the package identifies as such.

Seeing as how all of this confusion orginates with bulbs we purchased at Costco, I think we'll look to their source as being the problem. However, none of the packaging we kept shows any identifying marks which could lead us to the Dutch source of these bulbs.


I think you'll agree that this bloom bears no resemblance to what you see on the label. The label shows a pale pink with sparse pink speckles. What you see here is much more vibrant than the label picture and it shows white speckles. For my money, this is 'Aruba' and that's how we'll refer to it from here on in.

Aruba label
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