Con Amore

Con Amore

'Con Amore' is one of the first ones to bloom of all the varieties of Oriental Hybrid Lilies we have. They perhaps are not quite as spectacular as 'Stargazer', 'Kissproof' or 'Acapulco' but they make up for that with their profusion.

The way you see them here, without the dog barrier in place, is not a common sight. Unfortunately as long as we have canines prone to jumping in the beds to satisfy their curiosity about what's going on on the other side or to chase the squirrel or cat running along the top of the fence, the barriers will continue to be a common sight on most of our beds in the backyard.

2001 was the first year for these beauties and is was nice to see how in 2002 they increased their overal size, both in terms of height as well as the number of blooms.

Con Amore and Kissproof

Note how the 'Kissproof' bloom in the lower left of the picture to the right only has 4 petals on it.

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