ArenaAnother new hybrid for us in 2003, 'Arena' rather reminds us of "Bergamo", or 'Anglia' for that matter if you look at the label picture, except that it is a little more vivid in it's colour than 'Bergamo' and, at least this time around, it seems to have much larger blooms. But that may be an issue of where it was planted, we'll see how we fare next year:)

ArenaMagnificent, isn't it?

'Arena' and 'Casablanca' were planted in the same pot just off the patio and made a nice view when you sat in the southern-most chair on the patio. For summer 2004 we can certainly expect more buds, but I have this feeling Arena may also grow taller, almost too tall for a planter and it may have to be dug up and go into the yard for the following season. Arena and Casablanca

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