Anglia label

Here's another example of incorrectly identified bulbs: look at what we had in terms of colour and what the package actually showed. Virtually since the beginning of our infatuation with Lily Hybrids we have been buying a good many of them at Costco; they may come as a great value, but just don't make the mistake of believing the picture on the package is necessarily always reflective of the contents, too much to ask I suppose:)

In terms of colouration 'Anglia' as shown on the package is rather close to another variety we have: 'Arena'.

Anglia frontyardBased on our experience with another variety that was planted both in the front and in the back and showed a difference in size and colouration of blooms (Bergamo), it was not unexpected to find this locational variation in Anglia as well. However, these ones don't bear any resemblance to the picture on the packaging, nor for that matter do they look like their brethren in the back:)

These here are what had to pass for Anglia in the backyard, ostensibly the same variety as what we have in the frontyard. The blooms in neither of the two patches looks anything like what we might have expected from the illustration on the packaging.

Caveat emptor (buyer beware).