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November 2004

November is here, and with it the comes the rain, the fallin' leaves, the die-back of the perenials and the last of the Marigolds persisting in flowering until the first frost. There are few truly nice days in November usually, but we've had some and it's so much nicer to clean up the beds when the weather is a pleasant autumn sun rather the pouring rain.

This late in the year there is still some colour in the yard, not much mind you, but this Cyclamen brightens up an otherwise dull corner.

One of those nice sunny days was November 11th, Remembrance Day. We took advantage of the weather and started to clean up the planters in the back and sideyards.One of the things we finally got to doing is the digging up of a couple of our mystery lilies. And, as I speculated originally, there were indeed two bulbs planted precariously close to one another, giving rise to the situation of two very different inflorenscenses almost appearing to come from seemingly the same bulb.

Once all the soil had been washed off you could easily see the new bulbils. It's always quite gratifying to see this sort of expansion of the numbers.

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