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Autumn 2004

It's been quite amazing to see constant reminders of how things were a scant month ago. The main Dutch Honeysuckle still has fresh flowers on it and although I don't have a picture of it, the same for one of our Clematis, you still see a splash of colour among the darkening and fading leaves.

And it's the same with some of the dahlias we have. They're getting a little leggy, but there's still plenty of flower on them.

But it's most amazing to still see an Asiatic Lily in bloom on the last day of September. Here again, or should I say still, is one of our 'Red Bulls' bulbs in full splendour.As said before, if they are this vigorous they should multiply readily and from what we have seen so far even with the poor start they had, they still produced plenty of offsets to get started with next year.

While they certainly do not produce the quantity in offsets that we get from 'Orange Beauty' in stem bulbils, they should do as well as we saw from 'Lollypop' this year.

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