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March 2004

Helleborus foetidusAs mentioned on the February page, our Helleborus foetidus is a rather sorry sight, unlike the Dicentra spectabilis in front of it.

To keep this Dicentra from taking over the bed, we have cut it back every year since we planted it in 2001.

Dicentra spectabilis
Chinodoxa forbesii

Chinodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant' is naturalizing very well in it's new spot in the front flowerbed.

Our greenhouse is working out well for us. Finally we have a means of taking advantage of all those seeds we have harvested. We have marigolds popping up like grass, basil's doing well, lobelia's coming along and we're tickled with the germination of a good number of Helleborus seeds. Those bloody things were expensive: 25 seeds for $6.00, but even if we only have a 75% germination rate, we'll be scratching our heads over where to put them all.

Turns out though that what we thought might have been the Hellebores popping up was probably nothing more than weeds from the compost in the mix we used. Nothing that came up looked even remotely like what you'd expect, so the tray was emptied into the compost again:(