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June 2004

Salmon Tiger

June 21st, 2004, the first day of summer. What a pleasant surprise it was in the early evening to see this salmon coloured tiger lily had opened up. If you'd seen what we had to start with last year you'd be amazed too that anything came up from it, never mind flower. There may be only 2 blooms this year, but who cares, it's pretty and another one to add to the collection.

Late June is that time of year in our yard when every day we keep looking at the swelling Oriental and Trumpet lily buds to see which one will open next. There are a couple of Trumpet buds in the sideyard that are looking puffier by the day; they will likely be the next to show their face and bless us with their scent.

AmathystWe didn't have to wait that long for the trumpets to open up. In this case it actually is an "OT" (Oriental/trumpet) called 'Amathyst' or 'Amatist', a new one for us this year. This is the sight (and scent) I came home to on June 28th, 2004.

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