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April 2004

assorted lily shootsHere it is April 3rd and look at all the new lily shoots we have coming off these bulbs in one of our planters. The one just off center is the lone 'Casablanca' we planted last year and it looks as if we'll have another 4 shoots in addition to the main one. All those green shoots in the background are 'Lollypops', a new Asiatic we planted last year, they're just going gangbusters!

Though there may not be quite as many daffodils in bloom over April and May as we seem to recall planting -particularly in the back yard-, we are blessed by a nice variety of them in our front garden beds.

We seem to actually have quite a variety of different ones, some flower earlier than others of course and that does make for a nice transition. I just hope that they naturilize over time and increase their numbers for a better showing still!

In addition to the daffodils we also have a variety of tulips front and back. Here in the front we have the first year for the bulbs we bought from the Richmond Public Works yard last year.

In the back we planted some 'Monsella' three years ago. They're very striking and seem to have tremendous staying power. It's very unfortunate though that the striations you see are caused by a virus, which has since spread itself to some of our lilies. The only way to deal with TBV or 'Tulip breaking virus' is to destroy the plant that shows the symptoms!!!