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Spring 2004

Well, spring 2004 is officially here. Not that you would suddenly notice this HUGE change in the gardens, but it's an unshakeble human habit to remind oneself by means of the calender what time of year it is. We just look at all the new growth, the flowers on the Violets, Primroses and the faded Crocus to remind us of the time of year.

While the "Purple Haze" in our driveway sideyard may have faded, purple is not gone from the yardscape, not by a long shot. These little Primroses thrive on the cool air and moist soil we see in the spring. We have them spread along the edge of the frontyard beds and this time of year they make an wonderful, colourful accent. They ARE a slug magnet however and you have to be diligent to stay ahead of those pesky creatures.

Last year we planted a selection of Asiatic and Oriental lilies in a new planter, 3 'Lollipops' and one each 'Casablanca', 'Kyoto', 'Mona Lisa', 'Arena' and 'Acapulco'. We're absolutely delighted to see how they are all multiplying. Along the perimeter 'Lollipop' is quite prolific, and we're thrilled to see the 'Casablanca' is showing signs of 3 shoots!

Talking about delighted and thrilled, how about these lilies here and how they have multiplied over the scant 3 years we have had them. We're not sure which variety this is, though we suspect it is 'Orange Beauty', it has reddish orange flowers, is as you can see a vigorous grower, and makes this marvellous display in June.