Winter 2005-2006

I had harboured hopes of actually seeing this Helleborus having its first flowers open by Christmas and live up to its monniker 'Christmas Rose', but I think that was perhaps a bit unrealistic since they're not known to be fast growers. This picture was shot December 23rd, very early in the new '06 winter season, and you can certainly see ample new growth. It is gratifying to see we do not have the problem with rodent(s) we had last winter, touch wood and whistle. I think it's pretty safe to say we will not see either this one, nor the one at the other end of this bed in full bloom by year's end, but time will tell -and it did, as you can see in the month of January.

This being the entry page for the 2006 winter season you'll have to click on a month in the navigational menu above or below to continue. Technically the last 10 days of December are of course part of the 2006 winter season, and the month is included in the menu for continuity, but the 'meat' of the winter season starts with the month of January.