October 2006

Last year we tried a Tricyrtis and being rather ignorant of their needs we of course managed to kill it. We fared much better this year, and while not all flourished or even survive, we did manage to hang on to a few of them, with some actually now starting to flower. I knew they were a fall flowering perennial and it is pleasant indeed to see new blooms this late in the season. Let's hope they established themselves well enough this year so we'll have a better showing next year.

A couple of days later the high humidity, like around 94%, created a fascinating display, though with the naked eye you had to look carefully: the whole flower is about the size of a quarter! This particular variety is called 'Blue Wonder'.

While there are still a select few plants blooming this time of year, the majority are getting ready for winter, like these Hosta 'Fortunei Hyacinthina' in the front yard. You hate to see them go, mostly because it really signals the end of the nicer weather, but, there is a certain charm to this phase, however brief it is.

Chrysanthemums are a favoured plant this time of year. They thrive in the cooler weather and always put on such as nice show. This particular one was one we got from Pieter's Mom last year, after it had finished flowering. It was only this year of course we discovered what the flowers were like. Worth keeping, wasn't it?

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