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March 20th 2006, spring has sprung!

TrilliumCould hardly think of a better local representation than a flowering native Trillium to illustrate that indeed, 'spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder.....where the flowers is'.

Getting ready for the spring plant sale season, these are mostly Hostas on the edge of the Hosta planter. Here you find 'Patriot', 'Guacamole', 'Wide Brim', 'Yellow Splash Rim' and 'Platinum Tiara', and plenty more will be growing out in the planter for next year... You will also find a couple of Heucheras amongst the lot.

Can't remember what the name of this little Iris is. We planted some last year and it's a pleasant surprise to see it back again, but I think you'll agree it is pretty easy to miss it.

Well, actually it's not really an Iris, but I must admit I forget what it actually is and I didn't write it down when I ran across it earlier this week. It's something or or other tuberosa.

Lillies galore. These are 'Lollypop' multiplying themselves quite nicely, as you can see. The same story is being repeated everywhere in the yard.

One of our new Hosta acquisitions this spring were a few 'Yellow Splash Rim'. All of our new Hostas are coming along just fine, but these here are leading the pack. Because all of them were acquired as bare roots it's still a bit of a 'wait-n-see' game before we are certain of the actual varieties.