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November 2006

You may well say, "what, another bloody Tricyrtis picture?" and you'd be right of course, but it's tough to find much else in bloom this time of year in our yard. Tricyrtis 'Blue Wonder' Matter of fact, if I wanted to be persnickity about it, this picture wasn't even taken in November, it is from October 28th, but the weather has so much been our typical Wet Coast fall kind that I have hardly been in the yard. On top of that we had a couple of nights of frost and now we have many more perennials that have gone south for the winter. We did manage to find a bit of a dry enough spell to bring all the Fuchsias under cover for the winter, the frost had done them in.

The Chrysanthemums took a bit of beating with the frost, but this one has come through it quite nicely.

'Sum and Substance' is one of the varieties of Hostas that is slower to die back than most of the others we have. This one here is in a #3 pot and while the pattern and colour combination won't last long, there is something quite nice about it.

By November 10th the 'Hosta Nursery' doesn't look that good any more, does it?

The day after, the Wysteria you see in the corner was dug up and potted into a large, deep container. Hopefully it will survive the ordeal as we's like to be able to put it into the spring plant sale. In order to be able to get the darned thing out, a number of Hostas had to come out as well, primarily Golden Tiara and Hyacinthina, which didn't really matter as they would have come out early spring anyway to be potted up.

All of the pots you see here were all cleaned up at that time and now reside under the overhead to keep them from getting water logged over the winter. Plus, with the extra protection they'll get there I'm hoping they'll be a little farther ahead of the others around the yard in the spring. That would be a bit of a bonus come the spring plant sales. People are simply more inclined to take a closer look at a plant that looks like its ahead of the crowd.

While we're certainly used to dreary, wet weather this time of year, thank goodness we get periodic flashes of colour to brighten our day. We've had these little Violets in the yard for many years and they sure like the damp, cool winter months, be that in November or in February.

November has been a month with lots of precipitation, mostly in the form of rain, and plenty of it. To a point where by the time month's end rolls around we'll quite possibly see a new record set for rainfall for the month of November. What did come as a not-so-pleasant surprise, was a dump of snow. It started falling late Saturday afternoon November 25th and as I'm writing this on Sunday, the next day, it has not let up at all in term of snow fall. Most of what we saw here in Richmond is the wet, sticky kind of snow. The snow is supposed to taper off this evening and the temperatures will dip slightly, all of which will undoubtdedly make for an interesting commute tomorrow morning. We figure we had about 6 inches of the white stuff so far. Our dog Ace is crazy about it: he just LOVES to run around in it and grab mouthfuls of snow, chase snow balls etc.

Yes, of course we like to belly-ache over the snowfall, and with good reason: this town don't do well in snow. Too many idiots driving at speeds that would be way over the speed limit when the roads are dry, it's that 'due care and attention' thing so many have difficulty with. They figure none of that applies to them. Having said all that, there is a very picturesque aspect to all of it though. Like this seemingly floating circle of snow, which really is a tomato ring.

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