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December 2005

While December 2005 is here, that doesn't mean we have many pictures as yet.........Thus far December has been foggy, damp with humidity some nights at 100% and right at the start of the month we actually had some snow. Not enough to stick around for any length of time, but snow none the less. The southern planter box with the Hostas in it serves as proof that indeed on December 3rd we had that white stuff...

The first couple of weeks of December were on the cold side, frosty most every night with the mercury dropping to about -3º C. By the middle of the month most of the tender perennials, such as our 3 different Fuchsias, had enough of these temperatures and were starting to die back.

In spite of these conditions we can see ample evidence of the coming growing season being just around the corner. The week leading up to Christmas was positively balmy. Wet and balmy, the kind of weather that has us live up to our monniker 'Wet Coast', and if you take a closer look at some areas of the garden you will notice several examples of new growth and in some cases even the occasional bloom.

All that frost did make for some great picture taking opportunities. Here we see the effect of frost on an Oregano we had potted up, sitting on the ledge of the planter you see above.

Never known to be fast growers, I had harboured hopes of actually seeing this Helleborus having its first flowers open by Christmas, but I think that was perhaps a bit unrealistic. This picture was shot December 23rd and you can certainly see ample new growth. It is gratifying to see we do not have the problem with rodent(s) we had last winter, touch wood and whistle. It's pretty safe to say we will not see either this one, nor the one at the other end of this bed in flower by year's end.

While we're still some months away from seeing flowers, there is no shortage of 'Snowbells' and Dutch Iris popping up in most every bed!

Beyond this month we go to January 2006 of course! And you best get there by clicking on THIS!

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