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Summer's here!

Certainly a lot of what you'll see in the summer in our yard is centered around the many different varieties of lilies we have everywhere in yard. June of course starts off with Asiatics and Pixies, followed in July by the Orientals, Trumpets and OT's. And it the latter three that are responsible for all the wonderful fragrance wafting through our yard in July and August.Latoya As said, June is the month for Asiatic lilies, such as this one: 'Latoya'. Earlier in the year it didn't look as if it would amount to much, but it must have had 5 or 6 flowers, not bad for it's second year.

To see more from the last 9 days or so of June, the beginning of summer, just click on the June link above or below and...poof, you're there.

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