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June 2005

'Lollypop'June is when the flowering of the lilies begins in earnest. The first ones we see are the Asiatics and they usually begin for us with 'Lollypop', which is one day ahead of last year. June 1st is when we saw the first 'Lollypop' this year, beaten by a day by the 'Peach Pixie' below.

These are the 'Peach Pixie' again. My brother Bill was kind enough to share this one with us earlier this spring. It shares a pot with some 'Red Bull' and, judging by the size of it's buds, it will easily be another couple weeks before we see those in full colour.

It's unfortunate that I'm without my digital camera for a few days, I took it in for servicing on Monday June 6th; the microswitch in the card door was sticky and made it almost impossible to take pictures. This is one of those times of the year when it gets used daily. Lots of lilies opening up and nothing to shoot them with.........Hopefully I'll have the camera back by the weekend.

Well, it's June 14th and I have the camera back; there was indeed a problem with the switch in the memory card door. We'll continue with the lily shown above: 'Peach Pixie' which now has been going for 15 days.Lilium 'Peach Pixie' As you can see, the colours are fading and it won't be long now before the bloom is off this lily completely.

For a first year planting it did quite well and I can only hope we'll see some bulblets develop over the remainder of the season so we'll have more than just the one next year.

Hosta 'Revolution'The first year Hostas too are doing nicely. Here is H. 'Revolution', this one is the largest of the new roots we planted this spring. We should be able to start next year with at least 4 roots if we only restrict ourselves to working with the ones planted this year and not do any dividing quite yet.