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Spring 2005

Spring certainly didn't come in like a lamb: very strong winds, up to 70KPH, and rain. But, it was good to see that rain because it meant that all the recent transplants will stay nice and moist and get plenty of opportunity to get established in their new pots, prior to being put out for sale in the coming carport/garage/plant sales. We're shooting for 3 this year. It'll probably be too early for most of our perennials to make a half decent showing before the last weekend of the month, and I suspect because temperatures aren't as high this spring as last year's that we'll be lucky to have them look decent by April 23rd, the weekend of the neighbourhood garage sale.

camellia 'Tom Knudsen'It's March 22nd and I was able to get this shot of a nicely lit Camellia at around 5.30 PM, just after I got home. It was a glorious day today and the clear blue skies and bright sun could still be taken advantage of even that late in the afternoon.

This Camellia, 'Tom Knudsen', is just chockablock full of buds. Can't wait until we see many more of them on this one bush, it'll be quite the showing.

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