Autumn 2007

The first day of fall was absolutely gorgeous, it may have started with some overcast but by the time noon rolled around that had changed and we had just a fabulous afternoon and evening. We ended up planting a bunch of last year's spring bulbs in pots for early colour next spring, plus we had some bearded Iris that needed potting up in size to 2 gallons pots.

It may be somewhat late -and that would be because they were planted late- but there are still some OT lilies in bloom, like this 'Zagora' for instance.

These are the flowers of a 2nd year 'Ginko Craig' OP seedling, they are nicely showing their colours. I haven't bothered with trying to get pods to set, kinda late in the season, but I do have a planned cross in mind for this one next year with 'Stiletto'.

I like the leaf form of this seedling, it has a gentle wave to it, has a very nice and unusual taper to the leaf that makes it almost look as if there is no petiole. You can see more of it here.