November 2007

In spite of the lateness of the season it is quite remarkable how much colour we still have in the yard, not withstanding a couple of nights with frost on the roofs. In this case it is one of our Clematii.

Fuchsias just seem to thrive in this kind of damp, cool weather. This one here is in a basket from one of our neighbours who had rather neglected it over the past couple of summer months -basically didn't get sufficient water- and it is amazing what some rehydration will do for a Fuchsia.

Geraniums too do like this weather. Most of them have been brought under cover now and are all blooming again.

What you normally do not expect to see this late in the year is an Oriental Lily, and you wouldn't have but for the fact there were a dozen or so bulbs that got planted very late. No doubt they'll be a lot earlier next year.

Here it is November 18th and I'm noticing all kinds of unusual things happening in the yard. Daffodils are breaking ground, the Honeysuckle is sprouting all sorts of new growth and this Helleborus hybrid is in bloom about 6 weeks early! I would normally expect the first of the Helleborus buds to start opening around the New Year, but no, not this year, this year it's 6 weeks early! What's going on?

Another thing we noticed is all the new buds on the Cyclamen we purchased in the spring. Not totally unexpected, seeing as they like cooler moist weather and the flowers will be a welcome bright site in an otherwise dreary time of year.