August 2007

August is the prime month for us with the various forms of fragrant lilies we have. This is a new one for us in 2007: 'Angelique' and I think you'll agree it makes a wonderful visual impact, never mind the scent!

Another new addition for us this year is 'Rodolfa', anothr fragrant one. Both this and 'Angelique' are nicely suited to our yard since we can grow them in pots, they're stretching to reach 24 inches.

Also new this year is 'Zagora', which rather reminds us of 'Shocking'. The red isn't quite as intense nor quite as prominent and doesn't cover as large an area on the tepals.

TricyrtusBy the end of the month there is another 'lily' that's showing itself, the Toad Lily or Tricyrtus, which of course isn't a lily at all. The flowers are small, perhaps an inch and a half at the most, but what they lack in size they make up for with their form. And at least to me, they remind me more of orchids than lilies, but that's what you get sometimes with common names: you wonder how the plant in question really got its common name.