Spring has sprung!

These Hyacinths in the back garden are one of the earlier ones. By the time the offical start of spring rolls around, they're typically 'up-n-at-it' like they are here on March 21st.

The other plant that's up, but not quite at-it, is this Hosta Guacamole. As you cannot see very well here, it's in a #2 pot and from the three shoots we had last year we have gone to at least six so far. This particular plant was used for crossing last year and seed was collected from it. The seed has now been sown (outdoors, don't have room for indoor germination) and we'll see soon enough how well those come up.

While this may not be the sharpest of pictures perhaps, it illustrates nicely how our Honeysuckle is coming along. I'll be looking for the first evidence of flowerbuds in another 3-4 weeks or so....

BTW, the hanging basket in the background has its winter fill of Heucheras to provide us with ongoing interest over the dreary winter months

We have quite a number of these Violets around. They are such welcome and wonderfull early indicators of spring's imminent arrival. They actually start flowering as early as January, by March they are sporting lots of new leaves already with lots of flowers as you can see.

This would most likely be 'Golden Tiara', a Hosta variety we have in numerous places around the backyard. The bed these are in was dug over and augmented last fall and in the process all of the Hostas ended up getting lifted. None are worse for wear by the looks of things so far, matter of fact, I think the 'Sum and Substance' in this bed has rather benefitted from it. It looks to have about double the number of shoots poking up.

March 29th.....Not a bad start for these Hosta Wide Brim wouldn't you say?

By late March the yard is starting to look a bit messy. Individual pots and flats with pots everywhere, all hopefully get a good couple of rain drinks before they're put on the display table of the first plant sale of the season on April 14th.