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October Colour 2003

Things for some strange reason tend to slow down somewhat in the garden in October:) It becomes harder to find fresh, new colour, but we've had some "hangers-on" or "repeats" if you will from our spring cycle. Such as this Iris, "Pagan Dance", which didn't flower in spring, but sure did on October 2nd, 2003. Pagan Dance

spider websScenes such as this are starting to become all to common these days. Just a reminder that fall is upon us and the rainy season is about to start.

Weigela It's not unheard of for both of our Weigelas to have a small fall flush of flowers. I didn't see much of anything on the variegated we have in the front, but the red one in the back had some nice splashes of blooms again.

We're now past the middle of the month and the "Pink Perfection" lily is really starting to take a beating with all the rain we've had. Pink Perfection

Nerine Bowdenii Imagine our surprise to finally see this "Rain Lily" in bloom. This Nerine Bowdenii was planted 3 years ago in a narrow clay pot with some Calla lilies and had never bloomed. Our furry friend Keats knocked the pot over in the spring and the whole contents were transplanted into a tall galvenized container of similar shape as the broken one and thing are just a tad on the tight side in there for the 3 or 4 Rain lilies and all the Calla lilies. Let's hope this is a taste of things to come over the years and we look forward to next season's blooms.

Nerine A few days later, October 25th to be picky, more buds have opened and it would appear as if it is able to withstand rain quite nicely, seeing as it has been pelted with rain over the last few days.

Hosta adn HelleborusLate October you see ample example of the changing seasons and how different species go through their cycle of life. The Hosta in the foreground is quite obviously preparing itself for winter and shedding its leaves to become dormant, yet on the background the Helleborus is preparing itself for its season of bloom again and should be blooming again late December, early January to provide a bit of brightness in a mostly dull time of the year.

Even though not pictured here, on October 25th we have lots of Dutch Iris already popping up in our beds and we have another Bearded Iris insisting on flowering this late.

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