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Spring 2003

The strip of soil between the neighbour's driveway and ours can take on an almost purple haze in the spring with the winter flowering heather and the early purple croci.

rhodo_tulipsNo self-respecting early spring flower garden would be complete without the usual assortment of Crocus, Daffodil, Tulip etc. but we try to add some of the somewhat more unusual varieties of these, such as the "Prince Claus" crocus below. To the left in the picture is some Chionodoxa Forbesii.

Prince Claus Iris Harmony

One of the earliest to flower is the little Iris Reticulata 'Harmony'. It supposedly naturalizes well and we'll start to spread them around starting this fall. To the left of it is some Puschkinia Scilloides Libanotica. It is a very pale blue flower, which unfortunately does not show well in this picture at all and no amount of image manipulation results in any improvement in that area:(