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Late June 2003
summer's here!

no barriersFrom around the 10th of June to the 10th of July we removed the barriers that keep the dogs out of the yard proper. This shot is one from the early days and shows Kezzy venturing into the yard. In the background you can see the chairs the dogs bought Pieter for Father's Day (aren't they just the nicest), the baskets are coming along and before long the grass will get yellow again. And the barriers will go back up again for a while until the grass has had an opportunity to re-establish itself.

The Lavender is in full bloom and fragrance and just seems to beckon you with a strong invitation to rustle the stems to release some more scent into the yard:)

basketsThe Asiatic Lilies we got from Harry (that's why we call them "Harry's Lilies") are right in the thick of their blooming period and they do make quite the show, don't they?

tunnelLate June we experimented with a contraption we could sorta move around and keep a strip of grass out of dogs' reach and give it a chance to regrow.

It lasted one and a half days, proved a little more than cumbersome and after a lot of chin-scratching we decided we should go back to the use of the barrier screens we have used for a number of years now. They're ugly, but effective:)

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