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June 2003

June sees a whole cycle of colour and form. At the beginning of the month we see still quite a variety of Iris around, the middle sees the first of the Asiatic lillies and by month's end we're frightfully close to having the first of the Oriental Hybrids in bloom. We also see the first of the roses, the peonies will finish and the first flush of flowers on the Clemati are fading rapidly. The Wysterias go rampant and need to get their first prune, Lavender is in full bloom (and fragrance) and the herbs are starting to become useful in cooking; for a change in taste you should try fresh Basil on your burger in lieu of lettuce next time.

IrisSome of the Bearded Iris are still going strong at the beginning of the month. What we see here is a variety called "Loop-de-Loop". Earlier varieties, such as "Immortality" are pretty much finished by the time June rolls around.

Iris Champagne Elegance"Champagne Elegance" is the name of this cultivar and indeed it is very elegant in it's subtlety of colour shading. They have made a wonderful display now for the last two years. Too bad that Bearded Iris just don't last very long as a flower.

Lilly LollipopA new variety of Lily for us this year is this nice little Asiatic called "Lollipop". It was the first of the lilies up and was in bloom for a good two weeks anyway. It is planted in a large pot with 5 different varieties of Oriental Hybrids.

Ed's LilyNot long after these started, the first of the orange Asiatics in the front flower bed opened up. These are plants that came to us from friends in the old folks home that were transplanted into the garden after they finished flowering. They're the typical potted Orange Lily you see for sale during April and May, don't ask what species/cultivar they are:)

From around the 10th of June until the end of the month we have this stand of orange/red coloured Asiatic Hybrids that put on a massive showing of flower. 4 bulbs had in excess of 80 buds between them, quite the sight indeed. They multiply quite readily through the production of bulbils at each leaf junction along the stem. By the time fall rolls around a good many of those will have started to sprout already before they fall off the stem.