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backyard aug 5th

August 5th. Our stand of "Dame Blanche" lilies are in full glory. That many blooms just fill not only our yard, but those around us as well with wonderful fragrance:)

Happy couple

The August long weekend we spent at the Stewart farm; Gordie Stewart is one of Waita's cousins. On the Sunday, August 3rd, we were there for a family reunion. It was a great success. Everyone had a good time. There was lots of food, lots of games for the kids and the adults had a great time reminiscing and getting re-aquainted with relatives they hadn't seen for a few years.

Peter took his new digital camera along and was very trigger happy: he took about 180 pictures. It's great to be able to burn them to a CDR and pass them the next day to those there that have a computer. If this had been conventional film there never would have been that many pictures taken.

The next day, Sunday August 4th, we were there again to celebrate Gordon and Esther's 40th wedding anniversary. And another 100 or so pictures were taken. One of their friends was in charge of making sure there was a picture on film of everyone there and she was kind enough to take this picture you see above on our camera.

August 24th and Keats and Kezzy are following Waita around in the yard. The lilies you see above have finished :(, but they'll be around for another round next year in even greater numbers.

August was also the month when we finally got off our duff and did something about a wedding present for our godson Billy and his new bride. After a lot of head scratching we settled on making them a shelf for their bathroom for hanging bathrobes etc., as well as a space for a few fragrant votive candles.

We built it essentially out of some lumber we had left over from the armoire project. Peter put it together and Waita did the finishing. The crackle finish gives it a nice antique feel.

Towards the end of August you really start to notice the changes happening in the yard. There's no doubt fall is in the air and you can see the summer flowers, particularly the annuals, starting to fade.

We know we have very little in the yard in terms of fall flowering perennials and it is on of our goals this year to change that soon.

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