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May 2004

Orange Pixie

No real need to remind everyone of our fascination/obsession with lilies. By late May the 'Orange Pixie' we have in the front yard mark the beginning of the long lily season in our yard. From here on in we'll see one form or other of lily in bloom until late August, perhaps even September.

We folded up our greenhouse for the year and used the racking we built for it to continue to hold the new cuttings and seedlings for next year's garage sale.

The Honeysuckle has been in full bloom since about the first week of May and it's spicy fragrance is noticeble on the patio and most of the yard. The spent flowers get a little messy, but they sweep up quickly.

The other thing that shows in this picture is 2 different styles of baskets, in the bottom left is the woven, basket style we used for the past 2 or 3 years, and the new plastic ones are showing their wares in the center.