Late September 2008

The Fall Equinox proved to be not too bad of a day weatherwise, it got up to about 18°C and we saw a fair bit of sun. But when you take a look at what's happening in the yard there is no doubt summer's over and done with. On the far left we have Guacamole, then next to it is some Fortunei Hyacinthina, in the center front bottom are a couple of Maui Buttercups and on the far right the variegated leaf ones are Dream Queen and Dreamweaver. There all settling down for the winter and before you know it they'll be naught but a distant memory.

Yet, if you look around there are still a few plants in bloom, such as this Tricyrtus 'Blue Wonder' which may not be much to look at for foliage, but they sure have fascinating flowers.

The stand of Hyacinthina we have in the backyard has been taking the brunt of what looks like a slug feast, making for some fascinating leaf forms.

Early spring my brother Chris gave me a Hosta division of something he didn't know the identity of at the time. With a bit of digging it was decided what we had was most likely Hosta 'Lancifolia' but having said that at that time there was reason to remain flexible on the matter of identification, I figured the flowers would give us an additional clue as to the identity. And now that they are in bloom this late in the season it is starting to look as if the initial identification may prove to be incorrect and what we actually have may well be Hosta cathayana and if you click that link you will learn why I no longer think so.

It has become to clear to me since that last comment that what we're dealing with here is in fact Ho. clausa normalis.