March 2010

It's now March 7th, and high time to show some of what's popping up around the yard. The first of the Hyacinths is in bloom and the Croci are just about done flowering and will start to set seed soon. Between the Hyacinth, Croci and Primulas, the annual 'Purple Haze' is upon us!

But it's not just purple we see in the yard, as these Daffodils attest. Or this Camelia.

This year our Camelia 'Tom Knox' has done exceedingly well. We have 2 of them, and one of these invariably has substantially less flowers than the other. This year it's quite the opposite. Though not shown in this particular shot, most of the blooms are triples and they're so heavy that the combined weight of all those flowers actaully causes the srhub to be pulled away from the fence it's up against.