June 2010

As part of one of the trades I did last year, I obtained a small division of Iris siberica 'Butter and Sugar'. It was big enough this spring for re-division and two of the three new divisions actually flowered, this is one of them.

We have plenty of volunteer Snapdragons coming up in the yard, they seed themselves just about everywhere. This is one of those volunteers providing a splash of bright colour in what is otherwise a pretty dull June thus far.

This year has seen the addition of some new varieties of Dicentra cultivars. This little cutie to the right is called 'Aurora' and while we do have the white form of of Dicentra spectabilis, the difference in flowers with this one is that there is a hint of pink on the recurved part of the tepals on 'Aurora'. Quite unique.

Another addition is 'King of Hearts', to the left. The colour of the flowers is a fair bit darker that what you see on 'Luxuriant' for example.

The last addition is the new 'Burning Hearts', to the right, by far the darkest of these 3 and it has a wonderful blueish foliage to boot.