April 2010

While not just recently opened, this native Trillium ovatum provides a bright splash of white in what is otherwise a dark corner. We got a couple of plants about 4 years ago and they grown steadily as well as self-seeded. The seedlings haven't bloomed yet though.

There is a second Trillium specie we have, now into its 3rd year in the yard, that came to us from out East and certainly struggled for the first couple of years, but finally it is showing some signs of settling in. It won't flower this year, but that's okay, let it build some strength and with any luck we'll see it's yellow flower next year. This is Trillium luteum, we hope, at least that's what it came labeled as.

One of last year's hanging perennial baskets contains Heuchera 'Key Lime Pie' as it's focal point, along with an abundant spill of Artemesia. These 2 are nice a nice, bright contrast.

One of my favourite sights this time of year is this particular combination of rhododendron and some tulips.