Wysterias are at the corner posts of the pergola, with the one on the North post being the older one of the two. Just one has flowered for us thus far:)

Wysteria flower

2003 held a small surprise for us from the oldest Wysteria we have: it flowered. But you had to look close to see the 2 flowers it had, it's a start though. Hopefully it will be the harbinger of blooms in years to come:)

Click on the picture to the left for a close-up of the 2 flowers. Once you see them you'll understand why they were not easily seen at first.

Below you see spring 2002's view from the master bedroom window: 'Multi Blue' and 'Duchess of Edinburgh' Clematis near the bottom of the picture, with some new growth Wysteria behind it. In the background you can see another 'Duchess of Edinburgh' climbing up the Mountain Ash.

2002 Clematis
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