September 2009

Even though I haven't finished doing the month of August, I think it best to at least get September started. A fair bit of work has happened and continues to be done in the laundry room. I want to make sure I get to use as much of the home improvement tax credit as I can and while certainly a goodly number of jobs have been done by yours truly, there are some jobs best left for the pros. Like replacing our conventional hot-water tank with an on-demand hot water system.

Once the bulk of the job was done, the finishing touches meant a rethink of the vacuum piping and after a lot of humming and hawing I took the bull by the horn and redid some electrical work as well. The water heater and the associated condensate pump are on a small circuit with the central vac, a plug-in for the iron and another plug-in under the stairs which will now serve to look after the needs of an RF amplifier/distribution block for the cable feed as well as the router and modem for the home network. It was time for the vac to get the dedicated circuit the code requires and while I was playing around with wiring anyway and the ironing board insert was still not put back, it was a good opportunity to put vapour barriers around the 2 plug-ins that share the wall cavity with these water pipes.

There are a couple of small cuttings of a variegated Weigela we have had for a few years that have started to show a most delightful red colouration to its leaves.

The resident canines go absolutely bonkers for an opportunity to go grazing in the grass. These two are like sheep when it comes to grass, except that they won't miss a chance to rip out a clump of grass by the roots, and that makes for patchy looking strips. That's Ace on the left and Neka on the right.

One of the Hosta acquisitions this year is a little cutie called 'Raspberry Sorbet'. As you can see, it actually flowered its first year in the garden. While striking enough on it's own, I can well imagine what a marvellous showing a mature clump will make when it's in bloom.