Heuchera 'Velvet Night'

Early summer 2006 we purchased 4 of those large ceramic Vietnamese pots you see everywhere these days. At the time we weren't sure what would be going where and after Heuchera 'Velvet Night'some humming and hawing we decided to hold off transplanting the lilies that will end up in them eventually. We first put a layer of shipping foam chips at the bottom of the pot, covered it with a generous layer of gardening fabric and then put in a commercial pot mix. Two of the pots received a mixture of potted plants that were put in the pot, container and all. One has one #2 pot and two #1 pots in it, the other has one #2 and three #1, with some potting mix around and between to take some Bacopa and Lobelia.

This pot holds Hosta 'Gold Standard', Thyme, and 2 Heuchera: 'Velvet Night' and 'Caramel'. The pot gets around 6 hours of direct sun until about 2PM, which is perhaps a bit more than the Hosta likes to see -you can see some burn marks on the older leaves-, but both Heuchs are thriving in it. We like the arrangement so much that we may well leave it as it sits and change out the Hosta for a slightly more sun tolerant one, or replace it perhaps with another Heuchera such as 'Key Lime Pie' for instance to add some nice, bright green.